Bill B.
Herbert really knows what he is doing, No rushing in process or hurrying so he can cleanup and go home. Ill be recommending your Extreme Carpet to my friends and family. I feel like price was than acceptable and the gurantee for any future follow up work.

It was our pleasure being able to help you and give you the best service. Thank you for the positive feedback, and feel free to contact us anything for future appointments. We will be here once again to serve you nothing but the best!

Jean M.
Personable, professional, fast, thorough, respectful, helpful, diligent. Couldn’t ask for more!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you our services, we highly appreciate the feedback. We will be here for any future work done!

Jeans response:
Everyone who has seen the carept has been amazed at the transformation and has asked for your information! Im delighted to pass along your name and number, thanks again!
Dernice S.
I was very happy with overall services, however I guess due to the weather conditions it took sofa two days to dry. Although the work was completely timely.

It was our pleasure and thank you for giving us your time and business. I apologize for the delay on the sofas, any other work you need done feel free to contact us and we will help you the best that we can!

Allen S.
Quick and well done, thank you!

Pirscilla M.

Did an excellent job.

Love the clove scent and extra drying.

Gerald M.
Very satisfied with my carpet. Very professional. Thank you

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