Tile and Grout


Tile & Grout Cleaning Made Easy!

One of the areas that's hard to clear is the tiled surfaces especially those in the bathroom and kitchen. Hard to remove stains in tiles and grout accumulate over time. This is often the problem - having to remove the stain on the tiles and grout of your bathroom or kitchen. Some people try to clean it up themselves using various cleaning products available in the market but couldn't really get the result they want.

If you think it's a tough job to clean the tiling and grouting in your house, leave the job to us! Extreme Carpet Care of La Verne, CA has 15 years of experience in cleaning services. We do have knowledgeable and experienced staff to do the task for you. Rely on our expertise and we will assure you that you'll only get what you're expecting.

Our services include:
  • All types of Tile cleaned
  • Grout cleaning and restoration
  • Grout repairs and resealing

At Extreme Carpet Care, we do not just clean, we thoroughly clean your tiles and grout looking as if it's newly placed

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